Experiential Travel

What is experiential travel? It’s an immersive form of tourism where travelers focus on experiencing the country, culture, history, cuisine and environment of their destination. By learning more about these aspects of your destination, your travel experience is more than just a visit and can become a transformative experience! Dig deep and participate rather than being a sideline spectator.

Culinary Tourism

Culinary tourism includes any “tourism experience in which a person learns about, appreciates, consumes, or- dare we say- indulges in food and drink that reflects the local cuisine, heritage, or culture of the place”-OCTA

If you are a foodie and love to try local cuisine, imbibe in specialty drinks, and/or take a class in preparing a local dish, we can design a trip specifically for your culinary interests. Or if you want to throw in a couple culinary inspired activities into your itinerary, we can do that too! Our local partners are the best at recommending:

  • Cooking classes or demos

  • Winery, brewery, and distillery tours (some with the original family producers!)

  • Wine, beer, and spirit tastings and pairings

  • Producer visits and locals only pubs

  • Market tours, shopping, and cooking your finds in a local home

  • ….much much more!

Private or Small Group Tours

Are you planning a family, small group trip or private driver/guide for yourself? We will take the stress out of planning your trip by catering to individual needs of everyone on a group trip. If a few want that adventurous zip-line experience while others prefer a private museum tour, we can do that!

We can also arrange your own private driver/guide to take you to all of those little known, local areas you won’t find online. Our driver/guides are the true experts of their countries so you can really get to know the destination like a local!

Ocean and River Cruises

The best way to see many destinations while only unpacking once is onboard a cruise ship. Many cruise lines now have long stays and some overnight stays so you can really experience the port and take some longer excursions without worrying about getting back to the ship on time.

Cruising looks very different these days in the wake of COVID. Dining times aren’t as strict and are staggered, buffets are not self serve (and some don’t have buffets at all), excursions are limited in passenger capacity, and the longer stays allow you to spread out your time ashore. All of these are so beneficial!

Of course, we love cruising on smaller ships getting into the smaller ports which aren’t accessible to the large cruise liners. River cruising is even more accessible to experience the quaint towns and villages along the European rivers. Whatever your preference, we can guide you in the right direction to choose the cruise that fits your style!

And More…

We can plan a much or as little as you like. Fill out our Travel Inquiry form or click below to get started!

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